I’m here in Ningbo, China

Hellooo, once again! I apologise for my temporary disappearance as I was caught up with a lot of administration work regarding my exchange to China (thankfully, they're all done now), settling into my campus, module registration, attending lectures and basically adapting to my new life here in China. So, it's going to be my 4th [...]


Food & Coffee in Hanoi (Part 3) #13

Day xxx in Hanoi! We went out for Bahn Mi after doing some research on TripAdvisor for 'Best Bahn Mi in town'. HAHAHA! Honestly, TripAdvisor is the real deal. I use it for almost all my travels - from browsing for things to do, sights to see, checking for tours to THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE [...]

Some Streets in Hanoi 2015 (Part 2) #12

I don't remember where exactly were we or which street was this but it was pretty close by our Hotel. I know it's in the newer part of Hanoi because the hotel I stayed in was the Old Quarters? And the old quarters is an interesting place to stay in. Very..the..interesting! (Manglish) I still remember [...]

Penang 2015 (Part 1) #9

Penang, now my second favourite city after finding Malacca. Only because there are more historical sites and centuries old architecture in Malacca (I'll talk about that in my next post!). Before I begin, Penang is the land of food. The land of bicycles. The land of heritage. The land of  bad decisions (lol). Pour moi [...]