I try my best to live while I’m alive.

My blog serves as a diary or travel logbook. It’s also a site where I collect stories from the many people I’ve met throughout my life and how they’ve changed me, how they’ve taught me valuable lessons in life. I believe that everyone that comes into our life, comes with a purpose. Some are here to teach us a lesson and leave eventually, some are here to create fond memories with us and leave, some are here to hold our hand and guide us when we are lost and leave, and some are here to give us a reason to live but they would one day leave as well.

In the end, everyone leaves no matter how much they mean to you or how great your times were together. Nobody is to stay forever and thus, enjoy every moment spent with them and make each of them count! We take this phrase for granted most of the time because we always believe that there will be more moments to come. But, why wait? Why wait when you can make this moment count? Why wait to live the next when you have all the powers in your hand to live bravely now?

Small or big moments, they still count. Stay strong and never give up on life, and one day you’ll be able to see the magic this world holds! ❤