This is a diary, but not quite like the one you imagine. It encompasses a little bit of everything from anything. And that anything ranges from my personal experiences (that includes drama and rant), my travel adventures (note: a lot of drama, if not, trust me to turn it into a dramatic one) to reviews of food, makeup, skincare and practically anything I’ve tried. So I guess, it is a pretty random blog.

But, if I had to classify it, then it’s probably a lifestyle blog? Look, in no way am I advocating my lifestyle if you find some posts offensive, dumb and plain ridiculous. So, let the girl live a little. Anyways, this blog is set up to help me find my way in life and really just explore the world and connect with my fellow earthmates.

Right, after reading the first two paragraphs that may or may not make sense. You will most likely be reading this blog as an entertainment to fuel your daily need of drama. See, I provide an escape from the real world because I assure you, that my blog is an immersive experience all by itself. The voice you hear from your head as you read my blog, is just the way I want my voice to be heard. It’s like me talking to you, face to face, head to head and on the bed just chilling with a cup of tea.

tldr: this blog is meant as an escape from reality. or maybe sometimes, it’s a reminder of how harsh reality can be. At the end of the day, it is everything and anything you want it to be. Or I want it to be.

So, hop aboard and just enjoy reading!