Photo log: Food I tried in Korea (Pt.2)

Hey, I’m back with more mouth watering, late-night craving photos of food I tried in Seoul 🙂

Both me and my stomach when seoul searching and let’s just say, my stomach had better luck than me.

So, you ready for a 2am food tour with me??

First, let’s start with food from the cafeteria of Dongguk University (where I studied the Korean language for 2 weeks)

Bibimbap, soup, dumplings and one must always remember to add cultured drink to your dinner.  

Okay, that was THE ONLY PHOTO. 

Now, we dig into the real deaaaaaal – Korean Street Food at Myeongdong, also known as THE blackhole for your wallet.

Egg on bread and lightly seasoned with sesame?? Btw, check out the man in blue with an umbrella over his head! What a cute photo! #randombeautifulmoments (ahah). 


Toppoki with Halloumi cheese on a stick ❤ 


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
’nuff said. Pomegranate in a bag. What more do you want, huh? 


Grilled oyster with cheese! Doesn’t it look delicious? Yah, don’t be fooled, people! I spent about 40 Malaysian Ringgit on this and…………….my wallet still blames me to this day for judging a book by its cover. 


Fried Kimchi Mandul


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Fried hot dog with tomato sauce and sprinkled with sugar. Snack and dessert on a stick. I repeat, SNACK AND DESSERT ON A STICK. WHAT WHAAAAT. 

Last but not least, a tray of GRILLED GOODS.


That’s it for now and I hope you’re feeling hungry after this :’)

Oh, and don’t forget to stay hydrated in this season because this is the season of ‘ohhh, here comes Mr. Sunshine and my SPF30 is no use’.

Water. Food. Water. Food. Water. Food. = The best joys in life.



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