Photo log: The three musketeers exploring Penang, Malaysia, 2019

My friends and I decided to head north to Penang from Kuala Lumpur after our final submission because we deserve a hella good break, after 3 years of dedicating our souls to a countless amount of research and writing. I’ll elaborate on the places we’ve visited and hotel that we stayed in another post, so stay tuned (I tend to abuse and overuse this but I promise you this time that my next post will be out very soon)!

So here is a collection of photos that I took with my Lumix GF1, 14-45mm kit lens.

60s vibe BeeGee-1170896
Nothing beats sipping on cocktails and playing cards with your bestfriend. The table next to us got annoyed because we were laughing WAY too much. I swear, some people don’t know how to enjoy a good night out. :O
bin gulli 60s vibe-1180071
Bringing back the classic cheongsam and family pose in the Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum, Penang.
gulli jp house 1-1180067
And here, you have a modern rendition. One glance and you know they are tourists 😛 (no shade to JP’s straw hat and Gulli’s arm sticker).

Let’s not forget this living room picture from the Baba and Nyonga Heritage Museum

living room 1-1180061
My house is decorated with similar furniture. Am I a Baba and Nyonya descendant? JENG JENG.

A heritage tour in Penang is not complete without a visit to the Khoo Clan temple/Khoo Kongsi 

khoo kongsi-1180003
The main entrance to the temple. One thing is for sure, the Khoo clan takes their ancestry very seriously.
khoo kongsi 1-1180007
Close-up detail of the roof. Look at the intricacy of the ornaments and carvings. I’m shooketh.
khoo kongsi 2-1180014
The inner ceilings and a more detailed shot of the ornaments and interior designs.
bars 2-1180034
Lanterns decorated the hallways.
bars 1-1180033
Another perspective.

Did I mention how no travel is perfect if we don’t visit the speakeasy bars 🙂 To both JP and Gulli, thank you for putting so much faith in me and following me to what seem like a shady, dodgy and potential hostage taking places. 

bar 2-1170941
Shelves of drinks and Chinese wine.
bar 1-1170937
The vibes.

 And some random finds from our night stroll 

Some mansion at night-1170824
house night 1-1170871

Oh, and because we’re from the mid to late 90s, we need our daily dose of coffee and Instagram-worthy brunch. Are you even eating if you’re not taking photos for Instagram? (Sarcastic Bin at it again, ohoho)

10/10 for the gram.
food 1-1170980
Potatoes and eggs are my staple.

And now, let’s end with some scenic shots with a story to tell on its own. 

gulli hill 1-1180099
sunrise penang hill-1180091
The last drop of golden ray from the sunrise
penang hill 2-1180095
bridge 1-1180093
jp hill 1-1180100

Oh wait, one last bonus picture! 

gulli jp i love penang-1170995
Do you even love Penang if you don’t take a picture with this? Wait, have you even been to Penang if you don’t take pictures of signs and installations that scream P-E-N-A-N-G???

That’s it for now! I hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed my photos 🙂

Let me know if you have any suggestions or recommendations on what you’d like to see next time 🙂 Maybe the lives of local, more photos of the nature, ancient architecture, portraits or just anything.

Ps: Let me know which photos are your favourite in the comment <3!

4 thoughts on “Photo log: The three musketeers exploring Penang, Malaysia, 2019”


    Your pictures are beautiful!! I esp love the ones of the temple.
    p.s. I can see you’re experimenting with colours 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t have that many photos of food in Penang to post 😥 Besides, JP, Gulli and I were just feasting at typical brunch places soooo….I’VE BETRAYED THE PENANG CHAR KUEY TEOW!!!

      Thank youuuuu! Yassss, the temple ones are my favouriteeee tooo because of the vibrant colours. We were there in the afternoon so the natural light was really working in my favour.


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