Halong Bay and Some REALLY OLD Temple, Hanoi 2015 (Part 4) #14

I’ve been inactive for far too long and what better way to restart my blogging, by showering you with the picturesque scenes Hanoi has to offer.

So now that you’ve seen the streets and the food, it’s about time to show you the real reason why I went to Hanoi with my friends.

  1. HALONG BAY. Nope, not the kinda bay where you get to do show off your muscles, abs or whatever for a baywatch scene.

I highly recommend this place whether or not you’re a nature buff. For me, especially more so when I’m on my way to tick off UNESCO SITES all around the world. It gives you the Pulau Langkawi feel of Malaysia except x2.5 more magnificent and grander. It’s surrounded by pillars after pillars of limestone. If that doesn’t blow you away enough, it also has tiny little islets decorated with flourishing forests on top of it.

Visualizing it now? Sort of?

Okay. Before I go right in with the pictures, I’d just like to give you a tip of the day when you visit Halong Bay.


Never book your boat trip to Halong Bay without at least inquiring from 3 different providers. The prices are so competitive that you’re bound to find cutthroats. Definitely try to negotiate your price with them and bring it down as low as you can. If I’m not mistake, I got mine for 18USD or 20USD for a day trip.

Additional Tip of The Day: 

If you have time, I’d think a night at Halong Bay would be good because then you’ll be able to catch the sunset and sunrise. Unlike me, we didn’t have much time so we were only there for a couple of hours. If I have the chance to visit Hanoi again, then I’m definitely taking the overnight boat trip!

WOW WOW WOW. I could die in peace with this view.
Seriously, I just want to float all day and all night.
Top view from the viewing deck.
Another top view from the deck.
Just look at how magnificent this is and how small we are compared to it. If you think you’ve seen enough of the world, you haven’t. Trust me. 

Honestly, I think Halong Bay was the highlight of my Hanoi trip.

Cough cough. Sorry to say but the rest were a bit lackluster. I mean, hell yeah! Seeing Ho Chih Minh’s body is definitely one of the coolest thing to do but…it’s still just a body and truth be told, it is quite creepy. (I’ll get to why is it creepy later on)

Alright. That’s the end of Halong Bay! Now let us proceed to the our next destination!

*cues an automated voice saying, WELCOME TO SOMETHING SOMETHING TEMPLE!*

I’m so sorry that I’ve forgotten the name but it’s pretty famous for its pagoda. So, you’ll most likely end up wherever I am when you go around town.

It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve visited Hanoi so I can’t really recall my exact memories of visiting the temple. But what I do remember from it is, the amount of pagodas they had with tiny statues of Buddha. AND, my strongest memory of it has to be the Bodhi tree! There was a tree who’s centuries old just sitting in the temple. IMAGINE THE AMOUNT OF HOLINESS IT HAS BEEN ABSORBING THROUGHOUT THE YEARS? THE 灵气是比不了的。

Pagodas with either statues of Buddha or other Bodhisattva.
Ahem, ahem. I had to get a picture of myself with the Pagoda. Since the whole ‘Picture or it didn’t happen’ thing was quite real.
HALO FROM ME AND MY PINK ASS SHOES! Also, my good old brown hair. Ahh, such fond memories. (Of course, how can I possibly forget my awkward pose..)

That’s the end of my Hanoi Sightseeing trip. I’ll talk about Ho Chih Minh’s Mausoleum in my future post!

OKAY. I HAVE TO RESUME MY STUDIES NOW. I’ve got a finals in 4 days and I’ve barely started. FK. MY. LIFE. PUTAIN DE MERDE.

xoxo ❤ xoxo


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