Some Streets in Hanoi 2015 (Part 2) #12

I don’t remember where exactly were we or which street was this but it was pretty close by our Hotel. I know it’s in the newer part of Hanoi because the hotel I stayed in was the Old Quarters? And the old quarters is an interesting place to stay in. Very..the..interesting! (Manglish)

I still remember not having to set my alarm because I’ll be woken up by the national anthem? I don’t know what was it but it was something in Vietnamese? At first I thought it was an emergency announcement and there was an air raid. LOL! I WAS LEGIT FRIGHTENED OKAY. But all I did was hide under my sheets like heck yeah, my blanket is going to protect me from air bombs. But then it became a routine and I hear it almost every morning around 5-6am? I think it’s either the national anthem or some announcement for the citizens. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

Erm, I lowkey screamed (CAN YOU FOR FCK SAKE PLEASE STOP BECAUSE I WANT TO SLEEP?!) But then again, I respect their country and how the way things are run so okay. I’ll just suck in my morning anger and meditate.

and tadaaa….la rue!

Zero tourist. I forgot what was this gate called but it was historical. For sure. And that’s the Vietnamese flag!

What I like about this picture is how it captures the daily life of the Vietnamese locals and that’s what inspires me to travel. The experience and to see how people from different parts of the world live and interact. It’s really refreshing because you get to understand one and another better, thus building more cultural understanding and tolerance.

Same spot and a pair of tourists spotted!
This is exactly how the roads in Hanoi looks like. Motorcyclists everywhere and they have no traffic lights. Crossing the roads in Hanoi is considered one of my biggest lifetime achievement. I can’t believe I made it alive. LOL.

Because the motorcyclists just zooms past you with no concern for your life. Like, if you die, you dead bro. You dead. You dead on these Vietnamese streets. Trust me, I screamed ‘OH MY FUCKING GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY! HOLY FUCK!’ out loud in Hanoi and people were just staring at me like I’m crazy, and there were those who laughed. So I guess, I not only survived the streets but I sure brought them entertainment with half of my life. I’m still amazed at how I’m alive.

The only road I remember because we always walk passed this place to get back to our hotel! It is a very touristy area and there’s plenty of options for food. Mostly westerns and Vietnamese.

Spot ALDO and you’ll know this is an area for tourists and shopping. HAHA! I can only tell you that this is somewhere in the New Quarters ><

My friend, Dior, from Uzbekistan!
And you have me posing with a map, peace sign (I come in peace people, don’t murder me with your driving) and also Highlands Coffee. Don’t ask me why Highlands Coffee. Maybe I miss Genting Highlands? Maybe I want to be living the atas way.
Spot that hat seller behind me? Yeps. I bought from him! He was convincing me that it would look good on me and I bought into it. Being the tourist I was…sigh.

And tadaa!

Hanoi Streets (checked)

It’s a really good place to take pictures, especially with all the colourful shops and a mix of French-Vietnamese architecture. Of course, the robust city also makes it all the more picture worthy and it does get one’s heart pumping with vigour! (now I sound like a drug seller, lol) I don’t think I’ve experienced a calm and quiet day while in Hanoi. Every day was filled with interesting encounters (me nearly dying half the time), getting lost and almost losing our temper at each other and of course, the locals. The locals gave us an unforgettable time! (Both the good and the bad)

Short stories of why I am forever scarred by Hanoi:

  1. There was this one time where we were standing on the pavement. So, while my friend was trying to ask for direction, I was just standing by trying to communicate as well. AND ONE FINE OLD LADY, came by, stood beside me AND SPAT ON THE GROUND VERY CLOSE BY MY FEET. LIKE SHE JUST FUCKING SPAT ON ME! ‘HA TOOI’ 1CM AWAY FROM MY FEET!’ And so I dodged and moved backward, accidentally stepping on this uncle’s newspapers. AND GODDAMN. HE WAS FUCKING PISSED AT ME. He started cussing at me in Vietnamese. IM SURE OF IT! Because it doesn’t sound friendly and he looked like he was about to murder me. Ugh.
  2. This is probably one of the worse street-crossing experience I’ve encountered because not only was I emotionally scarred..I was also physically scarred. Macibai. (sorry for the profanity, but I had to) So, I was just calmly crossing the street and just when I thought ‘PHEW, I made it across!‘…nah ah ah. Shit just got real when I was walking pass under a group of electricians fixing the cables? telephone lines? electric lines? whatever lines lah. So, THE NEXT THING THAT HAPPENED right after I crossed the road, thinking that I was safe, was this ‘PIAK, SMACK‘ sound right on my back. Oh my god. I was whipped by a frigging cable line okay! LIKE WHO THE HELL GETS THAT?! One of the guy just freaking dropped his cable, it swung and HIT ME ON MY BACK. Okay fine, I get it, it was an accident. BUT YOU COULD AT LEAST SAY SORRY! No leh. When I looked up at them with my grumpy bitch ass face, they just stared at me. Like, stop and stareee~ dafuq? You know what, never mind. I’ll just calmly walk away with a red mark on my back. BECAUSE I JUST GOT WHIPPED! Well, at least I just got whipped and not electrocuted. So, I guess I got that going for me.

That’s the end of Hanoi Streets! Stay tuned for more Hanoi Posts ❤



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