Hanoi 2015 (Part 1) #11

Before you read on, this is a plain text post. Pictures of places I’ve visited will come in the next post.

Xin Chào! (hello in Vietnamese) and no, I didn’t learn it. I google searched it just to add a little bit more Vietnamese Flair to my post.

I suppose you could say I’ve first started to fall in love with travelling in 2015. Not that I didn’t like it before but 2015 was one where I was finally able to travel without my parents or adults. On all my previous travels, I always had at least one parental figure on trip with me…it’s good but you have less time to do self-exploration and also less freedom to immerse oneself in the culture.


Adults = Low Energy

Low Energy = Less Walking Time, Always on the taxi

Always on the taxi = Your money does not stretch too far

Your money does not stretch too far = You can’t travel for long

You can’t travel for long = You only get to visit touristy places

You only get to visit touristy places = You won’t be able to meet as many locals and experience their hospitality

In conclusion: If you’re looking for adventure, leave the adults. I’m not asking you to ditch them :’) Just kindly asking you to for once, see the world on your own, and be your own girl or boy. Say byebye to mummy because mummy can wait at home with home cooked soup for your grand return. But for now, fly little bird!

And so, about Hanoi!

How did I get there?

It’d be real crazy if I told you I got there by train or boat. HAHAHA. As much as I wish so, I didn’t. Instead, I got myself a flight to Hanoi from AirAsia!

I booked both my flight and hotel from http://www.expedia.com.my. And I highly recommend it to any travelers who want to skip the hassle and book the whole package of hotel + accommodation at one go. And, they also have plenty of options for you to choose from so you can adjust your budget accordingly.

But now, I have a better recommendation, after traveling for quite sometime. :O

Search for flights through skyscanner.com – They will help you look for the cheapest flights and you also have the option to select ‘cheapest month to travel’. So, it’d be good for those of you who plan ahead!

As for accommodation, you could either go for AirBnb if there’s two or more of you. But if you’re alone, then definitely try booking.com. THEY ARE LIFE SAVING! You can get cheap and decent hostels from booking.com to the most luxurious hotels. So it all goes down to how much are you willing to pay for accommodation! (Deep down, I wish I was a baller and could afford fancy hotels but I can never afford them so hostels are where I go).

But on the bright side, and a very damn bright side! When you stay in hostels, you get to experience more of the local culture and actually meet people from all around the world. Hence, MORE FRIENDS, MORE EXPERIENCES, MORE UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES. I mean, hotels are cool and nice but do you really want to be stuck in your room all alone with that bath tub and pool view? I mean they’re pretty sick. But, no thank you. I rather live in a dorm bed with tons of amazing friends.

So, stay in hostels if you’re looking to meet new people and stay in hotels if you’re looking for some fancy in your life. (Okay lah, hotels are also meant for traveling families because you can’t be sharing a dorm room if you brought your whole hood to town).

After that long rambling…here comes

My flight + accommodation + expenses during my 5 days 4 nights in Vietnam: RM1000RM1200. So, about 400 USD?

I forgot the price for my flight + accommodation and I can’t seem to find it anymore on my Expedia account. So yeps, I could only throw everything in because that’s the only thing I remember. AND, I REMEMBERED IT SO CLEARLY BECAUSE IT WAS MY CHEAPEST TRAVEL BY FAR. In my 19 years of life, VIETNAM WAS MY CHEAPEST. (I’m trying real hard to scream ‘CHEEEEEEEEEEAP’ across the screen).

And don’t ask me what hotel either. :’) I’m sorry but I’m aging and my brain only works when it comes to storing shitty things that I don’t need. Like, are potatoes really potatoes? Why were they name potatoes and not patatas? or pololos?

Will I come back to Hanoi? Hmm, probably not. It’s a city I think only worth one visit and you can move on. I look back time to time, but whenever I do, they are not the best #throwback experience. LOL.

But will I visit Vietnam again in the future? Yes! I haven’t been to Ho Chih Minh and other places yet so I’ll probably give those places a try and hope they change my mind about Vietnam (Vietnam is just okay for me, right now lah. Like not meh, but erm. I suppose it’s okay for a visit). Oh my god, I hope I didn’t discourage anyone to visit Hanoi. HAHAHA!

I mean, YOU SHOULD GO! AT LEAST ONCE! For Halong Bay at least because Halong Bay is worth it! Go, seriously. I’m sincerely and genuinely asking you to go. I had fun but not the most fun. <- why do I make it sound so negative omg. I should stop talking. It must be the late night deep thoughts taking effect. Okay, bye.


Ah. Hanoi was quite awhile back and I’m trying my bestest-est-est to recall my experience there! Even the Sony Xperia Z3 that I used to take my travel pictures is dead and gone. LOL.

Pictures to come soon! *saving them from my Google Drive*





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