Penang 2015 (Part 2) #10

Part 2 of Penang!

I’ll bring you around Trickeye Museum and last but not least, Penang Hill ❤

(I sound like a tour guide but I’m actually just shoving pictures down your eyes and be like ‘LOOK AT IT! JUST LOOK AT IT! TELL ME YOU DON’T WANT TO?!’

I’ll be kindhearted and give you directions to Penang Trickeye’s Museum okeh?

Recommended for?

  • kids, 100% con damn firm. (That’s the Malaysian showing, hahaha)
  • couples, because its a very cute place to take photos together.
  • family on vacation in search of bonding time and silly pictures you can laugh at. (I think I should bring my mother here and make her pose awkwardly for me)
  • group of friends with nothing better to do in life. (par exemple, mes amies et moi)
  • anyone with extra time to kill, extra money to spend and also extra camera space for quirky pictures.

How to get there: 

10, Lebuh Penang, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

If I’m not wrong, it’s just along one of the streets in GeorgeTown because we actually stumbled upon it by accident. The ‘oooh! why not?!’ moment.

Basically, get to Penang, get to Georgetown and you’ll come across lots of amazing shits.


If you plan to walk: Please don’t kill me but I’m going to recommend you to use google maps or any maps application.

If you’re starting your day with this attraction, you can opt for an uber: ‘Bang, nak pergi Penang Trickeye Museum’

sorry for being pretty much useless in giving directions. 

Ticketing and Admission Fees: 

Adults: Rm15 (locals with MyKad)
RM25 (foreigners, sorry lads)

Children: RM10 (locals with MyKad)
RM15 (foreign cutie pies, sorry baby >< )

Students/Senior Citizens: RM10 (Kitaorang dengan Mykad)
RM15 (Pelawat asing)

Picture Time ❤

Having our morning teh and kaya toast at play pretend Kopitiam! When you visit Malaysia, you must at least once, in your lifetime, please visit Kopitiam and have a typical Malaysian breakfast. AKA: half boiled eggs, kaya toast and teh c or teh kau. TEXT ME if you need help!
Mini figurine painting a super gigantic incense stick used for grand ceremonies. Usually prayer ceremonies! I didn’t get to see them in work on the streets so the museum is where I go.
Uncle painting lanterns and ah bois riding bicycles. You can’t get any more Malaysian than this! Ah, good ol’ times (Missing my grandpa, hahaha. That will be a story for next time!)
Yes! This is exactly what its like during Chinese New Years when families light up firecrackers. You’ll be hearing them all over your residential area, streets and pretty much everywhere in Malaysia. If you could, visit us during Chinese New Year! It’s one of the best festive season to be in Malaysia.
Smashing of the coconuts! Those are Hindu temples at the back there 🙂 I forgot the occasion but you could tell by now that we are a multicultural bunch!
Chinese in a Chinese house. Tbh, my house actually used to look like this until we gave into modern-looking homes.
I think they were going for a horror movie, ghastly, eerie photo kinda thing? I-yin looks like she’s trapped in time. LOL
I enjoy being dragged around in that palm tree leave! PLEASE BRING ME BACK TO BETTER TIMES!
Searching for enlightenment. Very enlightening.
Why am I always the one who gets bullied ah?! Of course, happily and willingly bullied lah. If anyone ever bullies me against my will..oh damn. that bitch be burning in hell right now.
Arnold Schwarzenegger who?! We got I-yin Choo!
King and Queen.
Why the fuck is he not saving them?
Again, why the fuck does he look confused? Dude, shoot us some strings yo.
Erm, no comment.
OH STEAMBOAT! When you’re in Malaysia, make sure to try ‘ma lat huo guo/ma lat steamboat’. That is if you’re someone who can stomach spicy food but if you can’t just go for the usual one.
They can really put on a good show.  Hahaha. Because I know for a fact that Joanne would never in her life risk her camera’s well-being.
Only for the picture are we willing to act with no common sense. Because a sensible human being wouldn’t hold up an umbrella just for someone else to pour milk over us? LOL.
The epitome of stupidity. You see a whole street flooded with water , pipes leaking and strong wind blowing; yet you still want to go all Jumanji over it. This is why there are no survivors in horror or apocalyptic movies.
Miss Penang right here. Don’t play play.

And kids, that is the end of our Trickeye Museum photo tour.

We shall now move on to Penang Hill! My favourite spot in Penang after Georgetown and Armenian Street.

How to get there: 

Perbadanan Bukit Bendera,

Jalan Stesen Bukit Bendera, Air Itam,

11500 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


I’d recommend for you to take an Uber, but that’s just me. I’m a lazy piece of ass when I’m travelling in Malaysia.

But you can also log onto the Penang Hill site for other options like getting there by bus and other public transport.

Ticketing and Admission Fees:

Check this site for detailed pricing!

On va commencer (please excuse my lack of accent. Not the speaking accent but the accent accent)!

Geraldine. The photogenic, pretty one.
I-yin. Also the photogenic, pretty and sweet smiling one. Wait for the crazy, at the end of it.
Totally Spies got nothing on ’em.
Asian Kardashians. HAHAHA! Nevertheless, you guys look amazing ❤ Thank me for this pretty picture okay!
It was kinda the trend to pose with heart shaped hands bend over our heads.
Also a very trendy pose. The Asian bunny and peace sign.
Gosh. This is one hella of a stunning picture! But erm, why did you guys block the view? Oh oops, as a photographer, I should have directed you guys better.
HERE IS THE VIEW! Tell me, how can this not be my favourite place?! Kuala Lumpur’s night view got nothing on this.
Much sweet. Much calm. Much pretty.
Err. Much crazy. Much shit. Much acting. Much hallucinating.
Typical Instagram Spam comment: Sweet! ❤
And, now we end our trip to Penang with my all time favourite picture! ❤

Byebye all and I hope you enjoyed reading about my Penang travel ❤

And to all my friends, WAIT FOR ME! One day, we will explore the world together and create a lifetime worth of memories. We will look back and not regret a single day in our lives!

WE CAN DO THIS! Live every day as if it’s your last. Even if you have to struggle for that day, you would still have lived bravely. Fight the hardships in life because so long as you’re still breathing, there is always hope. But in any case, if you’ve chosen to end your life, you’ll never be able to find out the possible turn of events ahead of you. You will lose the chance of finding out what’s next for you.

I know it’s hard because sometimes it seems like there’s just nothing left in this world for you to live for but I know that it isn’t true because there is always something to live for. We are speckles of dust in this grand universe and there’s always so much more to discover.

Never give up. Okay?


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