Riding Jerry’s car for the first time #4

‘I am sincerely sorry for the long death but I have to say COLLEGE LIFE IS NOT EASY! I have so much to do yet so little time, like seriously. Time, would you just stop for a second and let me carry on instead of dumping me on a bullet train and with every blink my time is just like snap snap snap. *sads*

I will not dwell on too much matters but I will post a few shots of me and shu jie in my friend’s car! Hahahahaha. His so call special Ford Fiesta S with XTR and leather customization stuffs. Sounds posh but it’s not lor. No offense Jerry :B

Picture Diary Entry ohmygosh, i almost wrote dairy. I know i look like a cow but no dairy now please


The kissy face and Shu’s ninja face. Unfortunately, my friend called my kissy face the pig nose mouth. My mouth does not look like a pig’s nose! Not even the slightest bit alright. I object x100
 TBH, I tried to make myself look fairer and all but it turned out with me looking COLOURLESS! Anyhow, I call this cool stuff. You got it mate? 
Last silly picture of the day! Silliest I would say and vote. We both look off track and out of tune. Like BANANAS AND SALMONS! What the fish. Hahahaha

Alrights! I shall end it here and continue soon…I promise. SOON it will be 🙂 Anticipate my majestic return peeps!’

– the end –


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