Mabul 2012 // Senior Year Trip #6

Photo Story

Mabul Island is and will always have a special place in my heart, and they are my family by heart. Even though we are all far apart from each other and everyone is busy with their life; but we will always have Mabul in our heart till the very last days of our life.

This trip meant a lot to me because it taught me so much more about my country than history textbooks ever did. Prior to coming to Mabul Island, I’ve never really given islands in Malaysia a chance or a thought because I’ve always seen Malaysia as a mediocre country (very ignorant of me, but things have changed). Now that I’ve traveled across Malaysia and still on the mission to tick off all the states, I’ve come to realize how beautiful of a country we are.

We might be going through a tumultuous time politically and in terms of economics; but I believe we will pull through this in unity. Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia is about unity in diversity and it’s time for all Malaysians from all generations to realize that we are so much more than the categories we’ve separated ourselves into. Ask yourself this, how different are you from your next door neighbor of a different color or religion? Do we not use Rojak language? Do we not call each other bang or kak? Do we not ask for dapao and bungkus interchangeably? And what about the mamak ah nehs and teh ais dapao? Jom yum cha? I could probably give you a whole list of what makes Malaysians truly Malaysians (to me, at least).

We are a unique bunch who can at the very minimal speak at least 3 different languages and have best friends from different races, ethnicity and religion. We just need to remind ourselves to not be swayed by the media’s portrayal of each races; especially ones that pit races against each other. And our politicians do not represent us. They do not represent Malaysia or Malaysians. They’re just a bunch of selfish unfortunates who live in their little corrupted world. Tainted by power and greed.

Biarkanlah kulit berbeza ataupun kepercayaan; asalkan hati kita bersatu sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Walaupun saya tidak boleh menafikan bahawa negara kita memang mempunyai banyak ketidakstabilan, perpecahan antara ras dan kumpulan etnik dan ketidaktentuan dalam arah yang negara kita bakal menuju; kita mestilah sambungi kepercayaan bahawa suatu hari nanti, kita akan mengatasi semua masalah bersama-sama. Tidak lagi ada kecualian ataupun kategori yang akan memisahkan kita. Sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang mencintai negara saya, saya percaya bahawa ini adalah suatu perjuangan yang susah tetapi berbaloi. Biarkanlah kita memperjuangi kesepaduan dengan keberanian Malaysia. Setiap titis peluh dan air mata kita tidak akan dibazirkan! BERJUANGLAH RAKYAT MALAYSIA! KITA MESTI BERSATU DAN TIDAK LAGI DIPISAHKAN OLEH KESALAHFAHAMAN ANTARA RAS.

^ Goddamn, my Malay needs more improvement for sure but I still managed to churn out a whole paragraph of passion for Malaysia.

Honestly, Malaysia is a beautiful country. All I can say is that we are a work in progress right now and the progress is being halted, sometimes even reversed by a group of unnamed imbeciles who fails to see how they’re tearing the country apart. Not all politicians and government servants are bad; I’m sure there are still the few loyal ones who works to serve the country and the nation.

Never give up. Keep fighting!



– the end –


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