Ipoh 2015 #7

What can you expect? Honestly, I don’t know either. It’s probably paragraphs after paragraphs of how obsessed I am with a scenery or a dish; if you’re lucky, you might get an occasional guide on surviving the city or country! (Well, that is if you can get through reading all the pile of bullshit I so readily throw out at my non-existent readers.)

Seriously Bin, who reads blogs anymore?!

Anyways, let’s not waste space okay and dive right into Ipoh!

Okay, for those with weak geography, like yours truly, where the hell is Ipoh located?

Bin: Erm, somewhere in Perak and near to Taiping. Somewhere I pass through to get to my hometown in Teluk Intan.

Actually: Ipoh is the capital city of Perak. And for those who don’t know, it’s also the third largest capital city in Malaysia. It’s 180km Northwest of Kuala Lumpur and 123km Southeast of Georgetown, Penang.

What you guys actually want to know:

By car: It’s about a 2.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur if you go slow. But if you’re a potential drag racer or some fearless driver (which I sincerely hope you aren’t), then you can get there in 2 hours.

If you take an Uber: It will cost you roughly RM250? Don’t. Do. It.

Seriously, I AM WARNING YOU! Don’t freaking take an UBER to FREAKING IPOH?! If I get to know any of you doing just that, I’m going to flip my shit at you and immerse your head down the well in one of the parks in Ipoh. Not joking.


By Bus (3 hours, RM25/adult):

1) Get yourself to TBS/Terminal Bersepadu Selatan which is in Bandar Tasik Selatan. Or, you can go to Hentian Duta. These are the only 2 bus pickup points that will get you to Ipoh.

My personal preference: TBS, DUDE! Just go to TBS! Much easier to get there and there are plenty other buses that will bring you to other cities in Malaysia, in case you change your mind and decide that Ipoh is not for you. 

2) From there, purchase yourself a bus ticket to Ipoh and hop on! You’ll arrive at Hentian Bas Gunung Rapat or Amanjaya Terminal. Get yourself off that bus and start snapping away like the tourist you are meant to be. Or explore. Or adventurer. Whichever you prefer to go by. 

By Train (2 – 2.5 hours, RM35/adult): 

1) Get yourself to KL Sentral, which is highly accessible from everywhere around KL. 

2) Buy your train ticket to Ipoh and voila, hop onto the train and you’ll be in Ipoh in no time! 

For more infos about purchasing bus or train tickets, I highly recommend http://www.easybook.com/en-my

(See, I told you, if you get pass the bullshit, you’ll be able to learn some new stuffs from me!)










Are you not attracted?
I’m having my Tau Fu Fa, a renowned must-have when you come to Ipoh. As you can tell, I am very satisfied with the white taufus and sugar syrup. My face screams foodgasm, okay!


Funny Mountain Soya Bean

49, Jalan Theatre, Ipoh, 30300, Ipoh, Perak

After Tau Fu Fa, you explore. Explore what?  Please allow the picture below to explain itself 😉



“Er Nai Xiang” means Mistress Lane or Concubine Lane. I’m not sure why would they name a lane after mistresses tho. Could this be the street where they used to hide mistresses? Or is this the place where white face powdered women with bright red lips ‘hang-out’, wave their pretty little handkerchiefs and call out to lonely men who’s in dire need of companionship and some warmth.

You know, we can’t live without warmth and the feeling of being wanted. And you’re always wanted by mistresses because it gives them the thrill when they’ve successfully seize ‘ownership’ of men’s heart. (Omg. I sound so salty.) PFFT! Mistresses *rolls eyes*

Besides Concubine Lane, you’d also find the Wife Lane and First Concubine Lane aka Second Mistress. LOL! So, pick your lanes and explore. Although I’d say the Concubine Lane is probably the most famous of all.

You know what’s waiting for you down in Wife Lane? Responsibilities. Duties. Devotions. And possibly Nagging. So, why not visit your concubines eyy.

KIDDING. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT MORE THAN ONE WOMEN (Mother and sisters excluded) IN YOUR LIFE?! Trust me on this, one woman is enough to ruin your life. Have three under the same roof and you’re destined to die 30 years earlier than you’re supposed to.

Imagine coming home to this:

Wife: Clean the house! Take out the trash! Wash the dishes! Feed the baby! Why haven’t you given me allowances for this month?! We used to be a team. Where did our love go? Why aren’t you loving me as much anymore?

Mistress: I want more love. You’re not giving me enough attention. Am I not pretty anymore? Why are you only spending time with your wife? What about me? You used to love me so much!

Second mistress: Babyyyy, I want to do more shopping! I want more bags. You promised to buy me the new Chanel. I want this, I want that, I want everything! I want you and only you to spend time with me.

Men, do you really want this?

HAHAHA. All in all, just find someone you truly love and someone you know will go through all the thick and thin in life with you. Find that one person and stay with them until death do you part. You can always rekindle love. The most important thing would be compatibility and match of character.

Of course, there’s much more but yes. Sometimes, the person you really love might not be the person for you. It’s important to be with someone who can complement your personality type because you can learn to love someone.

Random alley picture.
Interior of one of the shop houses? exhibition shop? in Concubine Lane
A typical Chinese house in the 1950s? 1960s? 1970s? 1980s? 1990s? 
Okay. You know what I mean lah.
So. Very. Cina. and Malaysian. 
This is what my grandma’s house looked like! SERIOUS ONE!
Omg. The television and radio set! Ahh, good ol’ memories.

My grandpa was still using one of those really huge radio set in our house! And my mum would tell us how she had to sneak into her next door Mak Cik’s house to watch Ninja Turtles because they couldn’t afford a television set. My grandma would be so pissed and starts whooping all of them (mum and her sisters) because they’re ‘wasting’ time. They could have helped out in the fishery or farm but nooooo, they decided to use their time to watch Ninja Turtles.


Just because. Cantik. And, I like gramophones? Vinyl playing thingy?
Me sewing! I can really sew okay, even if this picture doesn’t show it!
The one and only best friend, sewing! She actually got her footwork right, unlike me. Can sew, kononnya.
Okay. Let’s bid Concubine Lane our farewells 🙂

HELLO, IPOH STREET ART and other random stuffs!

I hunted high and low, deep and shallow, sunny and rainy for these street arts :’)

I remember running across the streets and getting my friend to stop the car at the most random spots; just so I could run down the car to snap a shot! I had to do everything in under 2 minutes? per shot because they (excluding my best friend of course) were not….very enthusiastic about street art hunting >.<

 #proud #noregrets #veryextremelyfuckinghappy #myphotographyskillsyo #ipohismorethanjustfood

I believe this picture takes its viewers back to Ipoh mining days? Can we just marvel at the detail and give the artist a big pat on the back. 
AND. UGH! That stupid car.
Uncle collecting recyclables and paper cardboard ❤ 
I don’t really see this anywhere anymoreee…but if I do, imma take a pictureee of the real thing!
Look at that posture, lool. And this picture is simply fitting for my nameee! BIG BAGS of recyclables and a BIG BIN. 
Dump your recyclables into the Bin. #dontwasteme #makeuseofabin #binisalwaysaround
Can someone tell me why is she so happy pointing at bags of possible trash? 
OH I KNOW! Because she knows she’ll be getting some Bin. LOOOL. Forgive me, jie!
Yes. I adjusted the exposure and what not for this picture to the very extreme. 
But. It’s all to showcase the main beauty! I can’t be bothered about the house behind or the floor tiles okay. I want everyone’s eyes to be on the RED, SEXY, BEAST OF AN ENGINE!
Nothing particularly interesting besides a very skillful model and photographer. 
Just look at the way he holds his camera and the way she poses! I mean, hello! Not everyone can pose okay.

Picture below is evidence.

Look at my legs. Look at my hands. Look at my hips. and what the hell am I doing with the awkward peace sign? Why did I align it to my face? To show how small my face is? 
#horriblemodel #nevergetmetopose #icantmodel
Hello hello! What are you trying to reach for? AND WTF?! LEG MUSCLES GAME STRONG! 
#neverskiplegdays #atheleteyo #reachingforthestars
Mari minum kopi.
Paper Planeeee 🙂
Even though I can’t fold one. LOOOL! My friend, Arvin, taught me two months ago? But I’ve thrown everything I’ve learnt into the bin already.
This Bruce Lee…or
this Bruce Lee? 
I have no idea what am I doing with my ‘guns’ 
Animal Party? or Party Animal?
Yes, please. I want some of them teh tarik made by Orang-Utan! And can Mr. Hornbill be the one to deliver all my mails from now on? As for the cat…erm, maybe you can start by not jumping from roofs?
If I’m not wrong…they’re washing Bijih Timah. What is Bijih Timah in English ah? OHMYGOODNESS. For once, I know the word in Bahasa but not English. 
Anyways, I think they are tin? Tin mining?
LOL. The worse chick in the team! Just casually putting myself out there to be caught. 
#burdenoftheteam #cannotcarry
Shh. Don’t let them know our secrets!
Old school band ❤
Traditional instrument made out of pots? Wau. We sure are a creative bunch. 
I think they are pots? IDK! DING DONG DING DONG!
My personal favourite 🙂 

And now,

Voilaaaa! Finally, some green.

Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village

22A Persiaran Pinggir Rapat 5, Taman Saikat, Ipoh, Perak

They look real thug. So not messing with them.
Grey sky. LOL. Shows how polluted we are :’) 
(We didn’t choose the polluted life, the polluted life chose us)
Sleeping. And idk what are they? Goats?
Is this a goat? I don’t know man. It looks real cute and peace loving. WHY DOES THE SATANIC CULT USES GOAT? I mean, just look at them! the e

Aaaand, you’ve come to the end of my Ipoh 2015 !

I hope you had a good time reading (even if you don’t, let’s just pretend you do okay).


+ occasional shitty posts about how dramatic my life is

IT TOOK ME 4 HOURS TO WRITE THIS OMG. (Plus the photo editing lah) 


– the end –


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