Glimpse of my High School Life #5

‘I just found my file of ‘Pictures to blog’ dated to blog last year. But oh well, I was caught between stuffs. Hahaha. Never too late to redeem myself am I right?

Before I start, most of my pictures are pictures of shapes. Shapes?! Hahaha. Yes, precisely. I am talking about shapes and patterns.

Bring them out then and show it off. *Honestly, I’m trying to sound like a gangster nowadays to act tough. Pftt* 


That’s me making a heart for Lian Sing. 😀 Don’t I look extra tall with extra nice hair? 
That is Melissa making an ‘I Love You’
Me, Geral and Melissa in the artroom! I love the artroom okay! It’s like my safe haven.
I guess I wasn’t satisfied with just one shot of myself. So I decided to do another solo heart to further enhance my ego. 
Anyone feeling sad? Don’t be baby, look at our mega huge smiley just for you. Smile like you’re never gonna smile again. Trust me. I’ve been through tough stuffs and sad life but I always tell myself, no matter how bad it is, it can’t rip my smile away. 
 Okay. If you see a tan skinned hand, it is my hand alright. Sorry if I distorted the ‘fairness’. But tan is sexy alright. 😉 Here is our star where you can wish on. One condition, you’ll have to think of our face everytime you make a wish on our star.  I will always treasure and love my 2012 senior year. Despite it being predicted as the End of the World. Pftt.
No, we’re not dead. Not until the next world end at least. TOUCH WOOD! Hahaha. That’s our X against all cruelty and injustice of the world! 


Goodbye and do treasure your high school life. Trust me, you won’t regret all the crazy stuffs you did during your high school year. Maybe one or two…but..let’s keep it hush hush.’


– the end –


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