Food & Coffee in Hanoi (Part 3) #13

Day xxx in Hanoi!

We went out for Bahn Mi after doing some research on TripAdvisor for ‘Best Bahn Mi in town’. HAHAHA! Honestly, TripAdvisor is the real deal. I use it for almost all my travels – from browsing for things to do, sights to see, checking for tours to THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE THING THAT RULES THEM ALL..FOOD. Where to eat?! What to eat?! Why to eat?! and How much to eat?!

After extending my stay in Korea, I’ve come to realised how important it is to eat. LOL. Henceforth, I’ll only spend travel money on food from now on. Yes, I swear it upon my cheese. And you should know how much I love cheese!

Say no to souvenirs! Say no to shopping! (Unless, it’s meant to be a shopping trip) But not when you’re travelling to experience the country. 

And here goes the Bahn Mi! 🙂

What is a Bahn Mi?

Courtesy of Google: (in Vietnamese cuisine) a sandwich consisting of a baguette (traditionally baked with both rice and wheat flour) filled with a variety of ingredients, typically including meat, pickled vegetables, and chili peppers.

Courtesy of Bin: You take a baguette, slice it open in the middle. After, take some vegetables and meat  to stuff it in. And voila, 1 + 1 = 2. Put this + that and you’ll get Bahn Mi! Basically, Vietnamese baguette. Simple, clean, nice, short description. Saya suka.

If I’m not wrong, it was only RM7.50 per person for one Bahn Mi. And if that’s not cheap, I don’t know what is. Okay fine, maybe you can find cheaper ones lah. But we were in a restaurant with AC and comfy chairs, so I guess we’re paying for comfort and cleanliness as well. STILL, CHEAP. 
And here’s the Bahn Mi up close! 
Sorry, the Bahn Mi was too photogenic. I couldn’t resist. 
And that’s me happily eating my Bahn Mi ft. my Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Vietnamese coffee is strong, lol. 

I think we walked around aimlessly for quite awhile after having our Bahn Mi and found this small shop in one of the small alley ways. I think it’s a market where locals go to because there were no tourists around and it just didn’t feel touristy at all. You just here a lot of ‘*#&%$*(@%^$&*(&*%$&’ alien language and then you hear ‘HAHAHA! WAHAHA! OH OH OH! AH AH AH!’ – Locals conversing with each other while I’m just standing there trying to comprehend what is going on.

Anyways, the food!

GOSH. Have I ever told you how important it is to NOT EAT at tourist recommended places? Always go where the locals go! And so, we found ourselves this tiny little shop ran by an old lady. SHE WAS THE BOMB. AND HER FOOD WAS THE REAL BOMB MAN.

TADAAA! I honestly forgotten how much this meal cost but it was less than RM10 or RM10? This is why it’s not only experience-friendly, tastebud-friendly but also bank account-friendly to eat at small little shops! Because they are CHEAP and DELICIOUS. And look at the portion. :O 
I’m going to try to explain this my way. Let’s try! Ingredients: Prawns, onions and cabbage fried in flour batter, the Vietnamese rice wrap paper (not paper, paper but rice paper), lettuce and some green leafy vegetables. How to eat: Take the rice paper, wrap everything together and stuff it into your mouth. 
Another version: Rice paper, lettuce?, pineapple and fried fishcake or chicken or pork? I forgot but I know it’s meat. LOL. TRUST ME! IT WAS SO GOOD, I WILL NEVER FORGET IT. For the rest of my life. Seriously. And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to find this exact shop again 😦 
The owner frying us the prawn thingy. And yeps, that’s how the street we went into looked like! It’s a narrow, almost hidden street but if you happen to come across it…WALK IN! WALK IN AND YOU’LL FIND MAGIC. 
I think Dior was just analysing the food and how to best eat it. 
Jasper is just like, ‘don’t take a picture of me! I’m shy’ but proceeds to smile for the camera. 
And tada. You have the three of us enjoying our very Vietnamese meal. ❤ 

After having lunch/brunch, we went on to continue our getting lost with a map adventure!

This is along one of the night street market place in Hanoi and is popular among tourists! So you’ll probably come across this night street when you’re in Hanoi.

I didn’t take much pictures here because there were just too many people and not much of the actual local scene. Sigh, so I just skipped it.

BUT! Guess what I found?! A local music band! And they were really goood. They mostly played songs from movie soundtracks and some famous pop songs.

The band and all 3 of us posing like typical tourists on the street 🙂 

The day is not over yet! Not until we get our last dose of Vietnamese Coffee before heading back to the hotel ❤

COFFEE! GIVE ME COFFEE! I don’t want hotel! I want coffee! (that’s a lie because I know I’ll always choose sleep over having a cup of coffee)

If I’m not wrong this should be Vietnamese Iced Coffee :O And it’s mine, just look at that dose of concentrated caffeine. (wayang je lah, it’s not that concentrated)
Espresso shots, milk and ice cream? Honestly, I don’t remember anymore. But it was yums! 
EGG COFFEE! You must try it when you’re in Vietnam. It’s a big thing there and a lot of people loved it. Warning: For those who can’t stand the strong smell of egg, then I’d advise you to stay away from it because it can taste and smell very eggy. 

That’s it for Hanoi (Part 3)

Stay tune for more ❤



Some Streets in Hanoi 2015 (Part 2) #12

I don’t remember where exactly were we or which street was this but it was pretty close by our Hotel. I know it’s in the newer part of Hanoi because the hotel I stayed in was the Old Quarters? And the old quarters is an interesting place to stay in. Very..the..interesting! (Manglish)

I still remember not having to set my alarm because I’ll be woken up by the national anthem? I don’t know what was it but it was something in Vietnamese? At first I thought it was an emergency announcement and there was an air raid. LOL! I WAS LEGIT FRIGHTENED OKAY. But all I did was hide under my sheets like heck yeah, my blanket is going to protect me from air bombs. But then it became a routine and I hear it almost every morning around 5-6am? I think it’s either the national anthem or some announcement for the citizens. EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

Erm, I lowkey screamed (CAN YOU FOR FCK SAKE PLEASE STOP BECAUSE I WANT TO SLEEP?!) But then again, I respect their country and how the way things are run so okay. I’ll just suck in my morning anger and meditate.

and tadaaa….la rue!

Zero tourist. I forgot what was this gate called but it was historical. For sure. And that’s the Vietnamese flag!

What I like about this picture is how it captures the daily life of the Vietnamese locals and that’s what inspires me to travel. The experience and to see how people from different parts of the world live and interact. It’s really refreshing because you get to understand one and another better, thus building more cultural understanding and tolerance.

Same spot and a pair of tourists spotted!
This is exactly how the roads in Hanoi looks like. Motorcyclists everywhere and they have no traffic lights. Crossing the roads in Hanoi is considered one of my biggest lifetime achievement. I can’t believe I made it alive. LOL.

Because the motorcyclists just zooms past you with no concern for your life. Like, if you die, you dead bro. You dead. You dead on these Vietnamese streets. Trust me, I screamed ‘OH MY FUCKING GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY! HOLY FUCK!’ out loud in Hanoi and people were just staring at me like I’m crazy, and there were those who laughed. So I guess, I not only survived the streets but I sure brought them entertainment with half of my life. I’m still amazed at how I’m alive.

The only road I remember because we always walk passed this place to get back to our hotel! It is a very touristy area and there’s plenty of options for food. Mostly westerns and Vietnamese.

Spot ALDO and you’ll know this is an area for tourists and shopping. HAHA! I can only tell you that this is somewhere in the New Quarters ><

My friend, Dior, from Uzbekistan!
And you have me posing with a map, peace sign (I come in peace people, don’t murder me with your driving) and also Highlands Coffee. Don’t ask me why Highlands Coffee. Maybe I miss Genting Highlands? Maybe I want to be living the atas way.
Spot that hat seller behind me? Yeps. I bought from him! He was convincing me that it would look good on me and I bought into it. Being the tourist I was…sigh.

And tadaa!

Hanoi Streets (checked)

It’s a really good place to take pictures, especially with all the colourful shops and a mix of French-Vietnamese architecture. Of course, the robust city also makes it all the more picture worthy and it does get one’s heart pumping with vigour! (now I sound like a drug seller, lol) I don’t think I’ve experienced a calm and quiet day while in Hanoi. Every day was filled with interesting encounters (me nearly dying half the time), getting lost and almost losing our temper at each other and of course, the locals. The locals gave us an unforgettable time! (Both the good and the bad)

Short stories of why I am forever scarred by Hanoi:

  1. There was this one time where we were standing on the pavement. So, while my friend was trying to ask for direction, I was just standing by trying to communicate as well. AND ONE FINE OLD LADY, came by, stood beside me AND SPAT ON THE GROUND VERY CLOSE BY MY FEET. LIKE SHE JUST FUCKING SPAT ON ME! ‘HA TOOI’ 1CM AWAY FROM MY FEET!’ And so I dodged and moved backward, accidentally stepping on this uncle’s newspapers. AND GODDAMN. HE WAS FUCKING PISSED AT ME. He started cussing at me in Vietnamese. IM SURE OF IT! Because it doesn’t sound friendly and he looked like he was about to murder me. Ugh.
  2. This is probably one of the worse street-crossing experience I’ve encountered because not only was I emotionally scarred..I was also physically scarred. Macibai. (sorry for the profanity, but I had to) So, I was just calmly crossing the street and just when I thought ‘PHEW, I made it across!‘…nah ah ah. Shit just got real when I was walking pass under a group of electricians fixing the cables? telephone lines? electric lines? whatever lines lah. So, THE NEXT THING THAT HAPPENED right after I crossed the road, thinking that I was safe, was this ‘PIAK, SMACK‘ sound right on my back. Oh my god. I was whipped by a frigging cable line okay! LIKE WHO THE HELL GETS THAT?! One of the guy just freaking dropped his cable, it swung and HIT ME ON MY BACK. Okay fine, I get it, it was an accident. BUT YOU COULD AT LEAST SAY SORRY! No leh. When I looked up at them with my grumpy bitch ass face, they just stared at me. Like, stop and stareee~ dafuq? You know what, never mind. I’ll just calmly walk away with a red mark on my back. BECAUSE I JUST GOT WHIPPED! Well, at least I just got whipped and not electrocuted. So, I guess I got that going for me.

That’s the end of Hanoi Streets! Stay tuned for more Hanoi Posts ❤


Hanoi 2015 (Part 1) #11

Before you read on, this is a plain text post. Pictures of places I’ve visited will come in the next post.

Xin Chào! (hello in Vietnamese) and no, I didn’t learn it. I google searched it just to add a little bit more Vietnamese Flair to my post.

I suppose you could say I’ve first started to fall in love with travelling in 2015. Not that I didn’t like it before but 2015 was one where I was finally able to travel without my parents or adults. On all my previous travels, I always had at least one parental figure on trip with me…it’s good but you have less time to do self-exploration and also less freedom to immerse oneself in the culture.


Adults = Low Energy

Low Energy = Less Walking Time, Always on the taxi

Always on the taxi = Your money does not stretch too far

Your money does not stretch too far = You can’t travel for long

You can’t travel for long = You only get to visit touristy places

You only get to visit touristy places = You won’t be able to meet as many locals and experience their hospitality

In conclusion: If you’re looking for adventure, leave the adults. I’m not asking you to ditch them :’) Just kindly asking you to for once, see the world on your own, and be your own girl or boy. Say byebye to mummy because mummy can wait at home with home cooked soup for your grand return. But for now, fly little bird!

And so, about Hanoi!

How did I get there?

It’d be real crazy if I told you I got there by train or boat. HAHAHA. As much as I wish so, I didn’t. Instead, I got myself a flight to Hanoi from AirAsia!

I booked both my flight and hotel from And I highly recommend it to any travelers who want to skip the hassle and book the whole package of hotel + accommodation at one go. And, they also have plenty of options for you to choose from so you can adjust your budget accordingly.

But now, I have a better recommendation, after traveling for quite sometime. :O

Search for flights through – They will help you look for the cheapest flights and you also have the option to select ‘cheapest month to travel’. So, it’d be good for those of you who plan ahead!

As for accommodation, you could either go for AirBnb if there’s two or more of you. But if you’re alone, then definitely try THEY ARE LIFE SAVING! You can get cheap and decent hostels from to the most luxurious hotels. So it all goes down to how much are you willing to pay for accommodation! (Deep down, I wish I was a baller and could afford fancy hotels but I can never afford them so hostels are where I go).

But on the bright side, and a very damn bright side! When you stay in hostels, you get to experience more of the local culture and actually meet people from all around the world. Hence, MORE FRIENDS, MORE EXPERIENCES, MORE UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES. I mean, hotels are cool and nice but do you really want to be stuck in your room all alone with that bath tub and pool view? I mean they’re pretty sick. But, no thank you. I rather live in a dorm bed with tons of amazing friends.

So, stay in hostels if you’re looking to meet new people and stay in hotels if you’re looking for some fancy in your life. (Okay lah, hotels are also meant for traveling families because you can’t be sharing a dorm room if you brought your whole hood to town).

After that long rambling…here comes

My flight + accommodation + expenses during my 5 days 4 nights in Vietnam: RM1000RM1200. So, about 400 USD?

I forgot the price for my flight + accommodation and I can’t seem to find it anymore on my Expedia account. So yeps, I could only throw everything in because that’s the only thing I remember. AND, I REMEMBERED IT SO CLEARLY BECAUSE IT WAS MY CHEAPEST TRAVEL BY FAR. In my 19 years of life, VIETNAM WAS MY CHEAPEST. (I’m trying real hard to scream ‘CHEEEEEEEEEEAP’ across the screen).

And don’t ask me what hotel either. :’) I’m sorry but I’m aging and my brain only works when it comes to storing shitty things that I don’t need. Like, are potatoes really potatoes? Why were they name potatoes and not patatas? or pololos?

Will I come back to Hanoi? Hmm, probably not. It’s a city I think only worth one visit and you can move on. I look back time to time, but whenever I do, they are not the best #throwback experience. LOL.

But will I visit Vietnam again in the future? Yes! I haven’t been to Ho Chih Minh and other places yet so I’ll probably give those places a try and hope they change my mind about Vietnam (Vietnam is just okay for me, right now lah. Like not meh, but erm. I suppose it’s okay for a visit). Oh my god, I hope I didn’t discourage anyone to visit Hanoi. HAHAHA!

I mean, YOU SHOULD GO! AT LEAST ONCE! For Halong Bay at least because Halong Bay is worth it! Go, seriously. I’m sincerely and genuinely asking you to go. I had fun but not the most fun. <- why do I make it sound so negative omg. I should stop talking. It must be the late night deep thoughts taking effect. Okay, bye.


Ah. Hanoi was quite awhile back and I’m trying my bestest-est-est to recall my experience there! Even the Sony Xperia Z3 that I used to take my travel pictures is dead and gone. LOL.

Pictures to come soon! *saving them from my Google Drive*




Penang 2015 (Part 2) #10

Part 2 of Penang!

I’ll bring you around Trickeye Museum and last but not least, Penang Hill ❤

(I sound like a tour guide but I’m actually just shoving pictures down your eyes and be like ‘LOOK AT IT! JUST LOOK AT IT! TELL ME YOU DON’T WANT TO?!’

I’ll be kindhearted and give you directions to Penang Trickeye’s Museum okeh?

Recommended for?

  • kids, 100% con damn firm. (That’s the Malaysian showing, hahaha)
  • couples, because its a very cute place to take photos together.
  • family on vacation in search of bonding time and silly pictures you can laugh at. (I think I should bring my mother here and make her pose awkwardly for me)
  • group of friends with nothing better to do in life. (par exemple, mes amies et moi)
  • anyone with extra time to kill, extra money to spend and also extra camera space for quirky pictures.

How to get there: 

10, Lebuh Penang, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

If I’m not wrong, it’s just along one of the streets in GeorgeTown because we actually stumbled upon it by accident. The ‘oooh! why not?!’ moment.

Basically, get to Penang, get to Georgetown and you’ll come across lots of amazing shits.


If you plan to walk: Please don’t kill me but I’m going to recommend you to use google maps or any maps application.

If you’re starting your day with this attraction, you can opt for an uber: ‘Bang, nak pergi Penang Trickeye Museum’

sorry for being pretty much useless in giving directions. 

Ticketing and Admission Fees: 

Adults: Rm15 (locals with MyKad)
RM25 (foreigners, sorry lads)

Children: RM10 (locals with MyKad)
RM15 (foreign cutie pies, sorry baby >< )

Students/Senior Citizens: RM10 (Kitaorang dengan Mykad)
RM15 (Pelawat asing)

Picture Time ❤

Having our morning teh and kaya toast at play pretend Kopitiam! When you visit Malaysia, you must at least once, in your lifetime, please visit Kopitiam and have a typical Malaysian breakfast. AKA: half boiled eggs, kaya toast and teh c or teh kau. TEXT ME if you need help!
Mini figurine painting a super gigantic incense stick used for grand ceremonies. Usually prayer ceremonies! I didn’t get to see them in work on the streets so the museum is where I go.
Uncle painting lanterns and ah bois riding bicycles. You can’t get any more Malaysian than this! Ah, good ol’ times (Missing my grandpa, hahaha. That will be a story for next time!)
Yes! This is exactly what its like during Chinese New Years when families light up firecrackers. You’ll be hearing them all over your residential area, streets and pretty much everywhere in Malaysia. If you could, visit us during Chinese New Year! It’s one of the best festive season to be in Malaysia.
Smashing of the coconuts! Those are Hindu temples at the back there 🙂 I forgot the occasion but you could tell by now that we are a multicultural bunch!
Chinese in a Chinese house. Tbh, my house actually used to look like this until we gave into modern-looking homes.
I think they were going for a horror movie, ghastly, eerie photo kinda thing? I-yin looks like she’s trapped in time. LOL
I enjoy being dragged around in that palm tree leave! PLEASE BRING ME BACK TO BETTER TIMES!
Searching for enlightenment. Very enlightening.
Why am I always the one who gets bullied ah?! Of course, happily and willingly bullied lah. If anyone ever bullies me against my will..oh damn. that bitch be burning in hell right now.
Arnold Schwarzenegger who?! We got I-yin Choo!
King and Queen.
Why the fuck is he not saving them?
Again, why the fuck does he look confused? Dude, shoot us some strings yo.
Erm, no comment.
OH STEAMBOAT! When you’re in Malaysia, make sure to try ‘ma lat huo guo/ma lat steamboat’. That is if you’re someone who can stomach spicy food but if you can’t just go for the usual one.
They can really put on a good show.  Hahaha. Because I know for a fact that Joanne would never in her life risk her camera’s well-being.
Only for the picture are we willing to act with no common sense. Because a sensible human being wouldn’t hold up an umbrella just for someone else to pour milk over us? LOL.
The epitome of stupidity. You see a whole street flooded with water , pipes leaking and strong wind blowing; yet you still want to go all Jumanji over it. This is why there are no survivors in horror or apocalyptic movies.
Miss Penang right here. Don’t play play.

And kids, that is the end of our Trickeye Museum photo tour.

We shall now move on to Penang Hill! My favourite spot in Penang after Georgetown and Armenian Street.

How to get there: 

Perbadanan Bukit Bendera,

Jalan Stesen Bukit Bendera, Air Itam,

11500 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia.


I’d recommend for you to take an Uber, but that’s just me. I’m a lazy piece of ass when I’m travelling in Malaysia.

But you can also log onto the Penang Hill site for other options like getting there by bus and other public transport.

Ticketing and Admission Fees:

Check this site for detailed pricing!

On va commencer (please excuse my lack of accent. Not the speaking accent but the accent accent)!

Geraldine. The photogenic, pretty one.
I-yin. Also the photogenic, pretty and sweet smiling one. Wait for the crazy, at the end of it.
Totally Spies got nothing on ’em.
Asian Kardashians. HAHAHA! Nevertheless, you guys look amazing ❤ Thank me for this pretty picture okay!
It was kinda the trend to pose with heart shaped hands bend over our heads.
Also a very trendy pose. The Asian bunny and peace sign.
Gosh. This is one hella of a stunning picture! But erm, why did you guys block the view? Oh oops, as a photographer, I should have directed you guys better.
HERE IS THE VIEW! Tell me, how can this not be my favourite place?! Kuala Lumpur’s night view got nothing on this.
Much sweet. Much calm. Much pretty.
Err. Much crazy. Much shit. Much acting. Much hallucinating.
Typical Instagram Spam comment: Sweet! ❤
And, now we end our trip to Penang with my all time favourite picture! ❤

Byebye all and I hope you enjoyed reading about my Penang travel ❤

And to all my friends, WAIT FOR ME! One day, we will explore the world together and create a lifetime worth of memories. We will look back and not regret a single day in our lives!

WE CAN DO THIS! Live every day as if it’s your last. Even if you have to struggle for that day, you would still have lived bravely. Fight the hardships in life because so long as you’re still breathing, there is always hope. But in any case, if you’ve chosen to end your life, you’ll never be able to find out the possible turn of events ahead of you. You will lose the chance of finding out what’s next for you.

I know it’s hard because sometimes it seems like there’s just nothing left in this world for you to live for but I know that it isn’t true because there is always something to live for. We are speckles of dust in this grand universe and there’s always so much more to discover.

Never give up. Okay?

Penang 2015 (Part 1) #9

Penang, now my second favourite city after finding Malacca. Only because there are more historical sites and centuries old architecture in Malacca (I’ll talk about that in my next post!).

Before I begin, Penang is the land of food. The land of bicycles. The land of heritage. The land of  bad decisions (lol). Pour moi lah.

Penang is definitely every Malaysian’s favourite weekend city to getaway because it’s not too far and easily accessible by the highway. But let’s be real, that’s not the MAIN REASON why we go to Penang. The sole reason why Malaysians go to Penang is for the food okay. Hands down, the food. Nowhere beats Penang food, within the country and internationally. I mean, just google it and you’ll find what I say to be true.

But I’ll do you a favour and attach the link here 🙂

GOSH. I can already feel the flow of Penang passion in me. HAHAHA!


How to get to Penang?

Option 1: 

Drive. If you have a car, why not. Or if you don’t, then steal one la. YOU CAN RUN OFF TO PENANG AND THEY WONT CATCH UP. huehuehue

Option 2: 

Take the bus or train. Cheap but there’s a risk that the train or bus might break down, catch on fire and you may also possibly be held hostage by bandits. BANDITS FROM THE ROAD! AHAH!

Bandit 1: Let’s do some kidnapping!

Bandit 2: WHY NOT?! Who shall we target?

Bandit 1: I KNOW! Those mofos on the bus or train, because they have nowhere to run once we’ve surround all the exit. They’ll be trapped!

Bandit 2: Damn bruh, you smart. you cool. #respect

*just kidding lah. it’s pretty safe to take the public transport so don’t worry okay. Just go purchase your tickets from BTS Bus Terminal*

Option 3: 

Take a domestic flight from KL.

This was the option we chose because it’s relatively cheap and wayyy faster.

Why did we go to Penang?

Actually, it’s been 3 years since this trip happened so I don’t really recall why did we choose Penang. But I think it went something like this:

Geraldine: Eh, Jo (Joanne) is in Penang! She’s having her internship there. Should we go visit her?

Iyin: Ya, can!

Me: HAH?! REALLY? ONZ WEI. I haven’t been to Penang before you know!

*calls Joanne*


*Joanne picks up*

Joanne: OH MY GOD! COME GUYS! COME! You can stay at my hotel tooooo. The bed is big enough to fit all of us!!


*ends call*

and that is how this whole Penang trip happened.

Also, I faintly remember having a little debate on whether we should take a train or flight. And, I remembere Izzaidi planning out which is the cheaper option. And by planning, I mean giving me endless nags.

It went something like this

Izzaidi: Bin, how are you going to Penang?

Me: By train.

Izzaidi: Why the fuck are you taking the train?

Me: Because it’s cheap and fun.

Izzaidi: You can’t be fucking serious about taking a train to fucking Penang.

Me: Izzaidi, calm your tits. You don’t have to go crazy over which type of transportation I choose.

Izzaidi: Oh. My. God. I can’t breathe right now. Can someone please slap some sense into this girl!

Me: What is wrong with taking a train?


Me: Yeah, but I don’t want to.

Izzaidi: Can you just look at the amount of time you’ll save and all that hassle. Take the fucking flight. It’s easier!

Me: I don’t want to. I want to take the train.

Izzaidi: You dumb fuck.

*Izzaidi then proceeds to print out all the relevant information, price for plane tickets and train tickets, and he also very kindly printed out routes for me*

And after a few seconds of deep consideration…

Me: Actually, you are right. Flight is the better option. We should get a flight.

Izzaidi: FINALLY. OH MY GOD. FINALLY YOU CAN THINK! I’m so proud of you!

and yeps. That’s how we made it to PENANG! ❤


and now series of beautifully edited pictures, some original 

 I had to highlight that. Just throwing in some compliments, you know.

What did we do in Penang?

THE FIRST PICTURE WE TOOK WHEN WE GOT THERE is very typically what every tourist who arrives in Penang would take.

Yes. The bicycle siblings. You have not visited Penang until you’ve taken a picture with this wall art.

and btw, Geral, you look bomb. xoxo

and right after this picture, we rented bicycles! But guess what? Out of the four of us, only 2 knew how to ride a bike…so we got ourselves the 2-person ride?

AND. ONE OF THE BEST RIDES OF MY LIFE! Because we almost got ourselves killed and I was screaming so much…for people to move out of the way. Not because I didn’t know how to ride but riding a two-person one is real tough. You need to know the law of physics and balancing.


and guess what?

A group of tourists found us really funny, started laughing and they recorded me shouting with their fancy little GoPro which I do not have (even now, I still don’t have it yet).

Ahh, see. I create memories for other people too. *eyerolls. so much self praise.*

– so, that was the bicycle scene –

And…I got to try my Penang Ice Ball. YAYYY ❤
There’s more than just one pussy in this picture if you look closely enough. Loool.
I am obviously not the main focus. In fact, if you inspect closely, I actually blend in with the background.

I FINALLY KNOW WHAT AM I MADE FOR! Backdrops. Yes, I’m made to be backdrops and wallpaper for others. :’)

That’s a small part of our Armenian Street visit. If you are in Penang, you must most definitely not miss this street. Not only for the street art but also the street food and old buildings. You may be able to find the year in which the building was built, but no guarantees.

There’s just too many Armenian streets pictures that I couldn’t post because I don’t want to run out of picture space on wordpress’ free plan. LOL.

But, I’ll be uploading them on Facebook or Instagram some time soon. (lowkey hinting for followers).

That handwriting tho. So neat and clean. And I see a great future ahead for this young baby! 
One step at a time kid, one step at a time. You can take baby steps, so long as you don’t stop moving.
Searching for her life’s purpose
Never stop smiling I-Yin ❤
2 boats and 2 girls. (backview)
2 boats and 2 girls. (frontview)
Even if the sky falls, I will not falter. I will persevere until my very last breath. 
Joking lah wtf. If the sky does fall, I’m going to be the first to duck down and go into heart failure.  #feelingbluecool #bluesclues
Yes. That’s my bra showing. fml. 
Slutting since 1996. and what the fuck kinda face is that?

And that’s the end of our little wanders in Chew Jetty.

Did none of that cultural exploration or understanding local. We were only there for pictures.. (Isokei. I promise, the next time I go back, I’ll strike conversations with ah mas and ah gongs and come back with more stories).


All alone in the wilderness #8

To all those who knows about my extremely unplanned and semi impulsive decision to extend my stay in Korea for an extra 3 weeks and to myself; this has been a hard decision and one might think that I haven’t really thought this through thoroughly (myself included, cause I’ve been asking myself repeatedly if this is truly a worthwhile decision as it will not only strained my relationship with my mother but also crumble whatever trust we have between us).

And my final verdict is, I’m staying regardless of the challenges ahead. Yes, it will be rough, it will be painful and it will be filled with obstacles (both financially and emotionally). However, since I’ve chosen to travel down this path, I will bear full responsibility of my actions and persevere through the hardships awaiting for me. I may cry, I may stumble a little and I may even have to lower down my pride to ask for help but I will not falter from it. Yes, it is naive and stupid to want to stay because of some blinded infatuation, great friends and me not wanting to leave the city before fully discovering it. I probably wouldn’t agree with myself few years ago or maybe I would but I’ve been through moments where I’ve regretted not doing what my heart tells me because of how irrational it was. I rather look back 10 years from now to reminisce the struggles I had to go through than looking back at regretting not being selfish and following my heart. I’ve also gone through moments where I think tomorrow will always come and having that tomorrow taken away from me. I used to think there’s always a next time but I’ve lost two important people in my life to teach me that next time may never come and next time is not given unconditionally.

Some people only have today to live for and a tomorrow to dream for. Today I’m blessed with the thought that I have both but who can be sure that a tomorrow will always be waiting for me?

I want to have live while I’m alive even if the path ahead of me is bleak and unclear. Even if I’ve disappointed people in my decision, I would have gained something along the way for myself. And it’s something that will be with me for a lifetime.

1) Happiness and a stronger character by having survived in a foreign country where I do not speak the language and having no family support.

2)  A lifelong experience to teach me sometimes the decisions we make may not lead us to the path we hoped for and when that happens; we will need to lift ourselves from the bottom when no one would.

Reminder to myself: To have struggled and lived makes your life that much more valuable and I believe that I will pull through this and come out a changed person. Never give up even when in doubt because no one knows what is at the end of the other side of the tunnel. Good or bad, face it courageously!

On the other hand, I HOPE I DON’T DIE IN KOREA. *cues Gloria Gaynor’s I will Survive!’

– the end –



Ipoh 2015 #7

What can you expect? Honestly, I don’t know either. It’s probably paragraphs after paragraphs of how obsessed I am with a scenery or a dish; if you’re lucky, you might get an occasional guide on surviving the city or country! (Well, that is if you can get through reading all the pile of bullshit I so readily throw out at my non-existent readers.)

Seriously Bin, who reads blogs anymore?!

Anyways, let’s not waste space okay and dive right into Ipoh!

Okay, for those with weak geography, like yours truly, where the hell is Ipoh located?

Bin: Erm, somewhere in Perak and near to Taiping. Somewhere I pass through to get to my hometown in Teluk Intan.

Actually: Ipoh is the capital city of Perak. And for those who don’t know, it’s also the third largest capital city in Malaysia. It’s 180km Northwest of Kuala Lumpur and 123km Southeast of Georgetown, Penang.

What you guys actually want to know:

By car: It’s about a 2.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur if you go slow. But if you’re a potential drag racer or some fearless driver (which I sincerely hope you aren’t), then you can get there in 2 hours.

If you take an Uber: It will cost you roughly RM250? Don’t. Do. It.

Seriously, I AM WARNING YOU! Don’t freaking take an UBER to FREAKING IPOH?! If I get to know any of you doing just that, I’m going to flip my shit at you and immerse your head down the well in one of the parks in Ipoh. Not joking.


By Bus (3 hours, RM25/adult):

1) Get yourself to TBS/Terminal Bersepadu Selatan which is in Bandar Tasik Selatan. Or, you can go to Hentian Duta. These are the only 2 bus pickup points that will get you to Ipoh.

My personal preference: TBS, DUDE! Just go to TBS! Much easier to get there and there are plenty other buses that will bring you to other cities in Malaysia, in case you change your mind and decide that Ipoh is not for you. 

2) From there, purchase yourself a bus ticket to Ipoh and hop on! You’ll arrive at Hentian Bas Gunung Rapat or Amanjaya Terminal. Get yourself off that bus and start snapping away like the tourist you are meant to be. Or explore. Or adventurer. Whichever you prefer to go by. 

By Train (2 – 2.5 hours, RM35/adult): 

1) Get yourself to KL Sentral, which is highly accessible from everywhere around KL. 

2) Buy your train ticket to Ipoh and voila, hop onto the train and you’ll be in Ipoh in no time! 

For more infos about purchasing bus or train tickets, I highly recommend

(See, I told you, if you get pass the bullshit, you’ll be able to learn some new stuffs from me!)










Are you not attracted?
I’m having my Tau Fu Fa, a renowned must-have when you come to Ipoh. As you can tell, I am very satisfied with the white taufus and sugar syrup. My face screams foodgasm, okay!


Funny Mountain Soya Bean

49, Jalan Theatre, Ipoh, 30300, Ipoh, Perak

After Tau Fu Fa, you explore. Explore what?  Please allow the picture below to explain itself 😉



“Er Nai Xiang” means Mistress Lane or Concubine Lane. I’m not sure why would they name a lane after mistresses tho. Could this be the street where they used to hide mistresses? Or is this the place where white face powdered women with bright red lips ‘hang-out’, wave their pretty little handkerchiefs and call out to lonely men who’s in dire need of companionship and some warmth.

You know, we can’t live without warmth and the feeling of being wanted. And you’re always wanted by mistresses because it gives them the thrill when they’ve successfully seize ‘ownership’ of men’s heart. (Omg. I sound so salty.) PFFT! Mistresses *rolls eyes*

Besides Concubine Lane, you’d also find the Wife Lane and First Concubine Lane aka Second Mistress. LOL! So, pick your lanes and explore. Although I’d say the Concubine Lane is probably the most famous of all.

You know what’s waiting for you down in Wife Lane? Responsibilities. Duties. Devotions. And possibly Nagging. So, why not visit your concubines eyy.

KIDDING. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT MORE THAN ONE WOMEN (Mother and sisters excluded) IN YOUR LIFE?! Trust me on this, one woman is enough to ruin your life. Have three under the same roof and you’re destined to die 30 years earlier than you’re supposed to.

Imagine coming home to this:

Wife: Clean the house! Take out the trash! Wash the dishes! Feed the baby! Why haven’t you given me allowances for this month?! We used to be a team. Where did our love go? Why aren’t you loving me as much anymore?

Mistress: I want more love. You’re not giving me enough attention. Am I not pretty anymore? Why are you only spending time with your wife? What about me? You used to love me so much!

Second mistress: Babyyyy, I want to do more shopping! I want more bags. You promised to buy me the new Chanel. I want this, I want that, I want everything! I want you and only you to spend time with me.

Men, do you really want this?

HAHAHA. All in all, just find someone you truly love and someone you know will go through all the thick and thin in life with you. Find that one person and stay with them until death do you part. You can always rekindle love. The most important thing would be compatibility and match of character.

Of course, there’s much more but yes. Sometimes, the person you really love might not be the person for you. It’s important to be with someone who can complement your personality type because you can learn to love someone.

Random alley picture.
Interior of one of the shop houses? exhibition shop? in Concubine Lane
A typical Chinese house in the 1950s? 1960s? 1970s? 1980s? 1990s? 
Okay. You know what I mean lah.
So. Very. Cina. and Malaysian. 
This is what my grandma’s house looked like! SERIOUS ONE!
Omg. The television and radio set! Ahh, good ol’ memories.

My grandpa was still using one of those really huge radio set in our house! And my mum would tell us how she had to sneak into her next door Mak Cik’s house to watch Ninja Turtles because they couldn’t afford a television set. My grandma would be so pissed and starts whooping all of them (mum and her sisters) because they’re ‘wasting’ time. They could have helped out in the fishery or farm but nooooo, they decided to use their time to watch Ninja Turtles.


Just because. Cantik. And, I like gramophones? Vinyl playing thingy?
Me sewing! I can really sew okay, even if this picture doesn’t show it!
The one and only best friend, sewing! She actually got her footwork right, unlike me. Can sew, kononnya.
Okay. Let’s bid Concubine Lane our farewells 🙂

HELLO, IPOH STREET ART and other random stuffs!

I hunted high and low, deep and shallow, sunny and rainy for these street arts :’)

I remember running across the streets and getting my friend to stop the car at the most random spots; just so I could run down the car to snap a shot! I had to do everything in under 2 minutes? per shot because they (excluding my best friend of course) were not….very enthusiastic about street art hunting >.<

 #proud #noregrets #veryextremelyfuckinghappy #myphotographyskillsyo #ipohismorethanjustfood

I believe this picture takes its viewers back to Ipoh mining days? Can we just marvel at the detail and give the artist a big pat on the back. 
AND. UGH! That stupid car.
Uncle collecting recyclables and paper cardboard ❤ 
I don’t really see this anywhere anymoreee…but if I do, imma take a pictureee of the real thing!
Look at that posture, lool. And this picture is simply fitting for my nameee! BIG BAGS of recyclables and a BIG BIN. 
Dump your recyclables into the Bin. #dontwasteme #makeuseofabin #binisalwaysaround
Can someone tell me why is she so happy pointing at bags of possible trash? 
OH I KNOW! Because she knows she’ll be getting some Bin. LOOOL. Forgive me, jie!
Yes. I adjusted the exposure and what not for this picture to the very extreme. 
But. It’s all to showcase the main beauty! I can’t be bothered about the house behind or the floor tiles okay. I want everyone’s eyes to be on the RED, SEXY, BEAST OF AN ENGINE!
Nothing particularly interesting besides a very skillful model and photographer. 
Just look at the way he holds his camera and the way she poses! I mean, hello! Not everyone can pose okay.

Picture below is evidence.

Look at my legs. Look at my hands. Look at my hips. and what the hell am I doing with the awkward peace sign? Why did I align it to my face? To show how small my face is? 
#horriblemodel #nevergetmetopose #icantmodel
Hello hello! What are you trying to reach for? AND WTF?! LEG MUSCLES GAME STRONG! 
#neverskiplegdays #atheleteyo #reachingforthestars
Mari minum kopi.
Paper Planeeee 🙂
Even though I can’t fold one. LOOOL! My friend, Arvin, taught me two months ago? But I’ve thrown everything I’ve learnt into the bin already.
This Bruce Lee…or
this Bruce Lee? 
I have no idea what am I doing with my ‘guns’ 
Animal Party? or Party Animal?
Yes, please. I want some of them teh tarik made by Orang-Utan! And can Mr. Hornbill be the one to deliver all my mails from now on? As for the cat…erm, maybe you can start by not jumping from roofs?
If I’m not wrong…they’re washing Bijih Timah. What is Bijih Timah in English ah? OHMYGOODNESS. For once, I know the word in Bahasa but not English. 
Anyways, I think they are tin? Tin mining?
LOL. The worse chick in the team! Just casually putting myself out there to be caught. 
#burdenoftheteam #cannotcarry
Shh. Don’t let them know our secrets!
Old school band ❤
Traditional instrument made out of pots? Wau. We sure are a creative bunch. 
I think they are pots? IDK! DING DONG DING DONG!
My personal favourite 🙂 

And now,

Voilaaaa! Finally, some green.

Qing Xin Ling Leisure and Cultural Village

22A Persiaran Pinggir Rapat 5, Taman Saikat, Ipoh, Perak

They look real thug. So not messing with them.
Grey sky. LOL. Shows how polluted we are :’) 
(We didn’t choose the polluted life, the polluted life chose us)
Sleeping. And idk what are they? Goats?
Is this a goat? I don’t know man. It looks real cute and peace loving. WHY DOES THE SATANIC CULT USES GOAT? I mean, just look at them! the e

Aaaand, you’ve come to the end of my Ipoh 2015 !

I hope you had a good time reading (even if you don’t, let’s just pretend you do okay).


+ occasional shitty posts about how dramatic my life is

IT TOOK ME 4 HOURS TO WRITE THIS OMG. (Plus the photo editing lah) 


– the end –

Mabul 2012 // Senior Year Trip #6

Photo Story

Mabul Island is and will always have a special place in my heart, and they are my family by heart. Even though we are all far apart from each other and everyone is busy with their life; but we will always have Mabul in our heart till the very last days of our life.

This trip meant a lot to me because it taught me so much more about my country than history textbooks ever did. Prior to coming to Mabul Island, I’ve never really given islands in Malaysia a chance or a thought because I’ve always seen Malaysia as a mediocre country (very ignorant of me, but things have changed). Now that I’ve traveled across Malaysia and still on the mission to tick off all the states, I’ve come to realize how beautiful of a country we are.

We might be going through a tumultuous time politically and in terms of economics; but I believe we will pull through this in unity. Malaysia Boleh! Malaysia is about unity in diversity and it’s time for all Malaysians from all generations to realize that we are so much more than the categories we’ve separated ourselves into. Ask yourself this, how different are you from your next door neighbor of a different color or religion? Do we not use Rojak language? Do we not call each other bang or kak? Do we not ask for dapao and bungkus interchangeably? And what about the mamak ah nehs and teh ais dapao? Jom yum cha? I could probably give you a whole list of what makes Malaysians truly Malaysians (to me, at least).

We are a unique bunch who can at the very minimal speak at least 3 different languages and have best friends from different races, ethnicity and religion. We just need to remind ourselves to not be swayed by the media’s portrayal of each races; especially ones that pit races against each other. And our politicians do not represent us. They do not represent Malaysia or Malaysians. They’re just a bunch of selfish unfortunates who live in their little corrupted world. Tainted by power and greed.

Biarkanlah kulit berbeza ataupun kepercayaan; asalkan hati kita bersatu sebagai rakyat Malaysia. Walaupun saya tidak boleh menafikan bahawa negara kita memang mempunyai banyak ketidakstabilan, perpecahan antara ras dan kumpulan etnik dan ketidaktentuan dalam arah yang negara kita bakal menuju; kita mestilah sambungi kepercayaan bahawa suatu hari nanti, kita akan mengatasi semua masalah bersama-sama. Tidak lagi ada kecualian ataupun kategori yang akan memisahkan kita. Sebagai seorang rakyat Malaysia yang mencintai negara saya, saya percaya bahawa ini adalah suatu perjuangan yang susah tetapi berbaloi. Biarkanlah kita memperjuangi kesepaduan dengan keberanian Malaysia. Setiap titis peluh dan air mata kita tidak akan dibazirkan! BERJUANGLAH RAKYAT MALAYSIA! KITA MESTI BERSATU DAN TIDAK LAGI DIPISAHKAN OLEH KESALAHFAHAMAN ANTARA RAS.

^ Goddamn, my Malay needs more improvement for sure but I still managed to churn out a whole paragraph of passion for Malaysia.

Honestly, Malaysia is a beautiful country. All I can say is that we are a work in progress right now and the progress is being halted, sometimes even reversed by a group of unnamed imbeciles who fails to see how they’re tearing the country apart. Not all politicians and government servants are bad; I’m sure there are still the few loyal ones who works to serve the country and the nation.

Never give up. Keep fighting!



– the end –

Glimpse of my High School Life #5

‘I just found my file of ‘Pictures to blog’ dated to blog last year. But oh well, I was caught between stuffs. Hahaha. Never too late to redeem myself am I right?

Before I start, most of my pictures are pictures of shapes. Shapes?! Hahaha. Yes, precisely. I am talking about shapes and patterns.

Bring them out then and show it off. *Honestly, I’m trying to sound like a gangster nowadays to act tough. Pftt* 


That’s me making a heart for Lian Sing. 😀 Don’t I look extra tall with extra nice hair? 
That is Melissa making an ‘I Love You’
Me, Geral and Melissa in the artroom! I love the artroom okay! It’s like my safe haven.
I guess I wasn’t satisfied with just one shot of myself. So I decided to do another solo heart to further enhance my ego. 
Anyone feeling sad? Don’t be baby, look at our mega huge smiley just for you. Smile like you’re never gonna smile again. Trust me. I’ve been through tough stuffs and sad life but I always tell myself, no matter how bad it is, it can’t rip my smile away. 
 Okay. If you see a tan skinned hand, it is my hand alright. Sorry if I distorted the ‘fairness’. But tan is sexy alright. 😉 Here is our star where you can wish on. One condition, you’ll have to think of our face everytime you make a wish on our star.  I will always treasure and love my 2012 senior year. Despite it being predicted as the End of the World. Pftt.
No, we’re not dead. Not until the next world end at least. TOUCH WOOD! Hahaha. That’s our X against all cruelty and injustice of the world! 


Goodbye and do treasure your high school life. Trust me, you won’t regret all the crazy stuffs you did during your high school year. Maybe one or two…but..let’s keep it hush hush.’


– the end –

Riding Jerry’s car for the first time #4

‘I am sincerely sorry for the long death but I have to say COLLEGE LIFE IS NOT EASY! I have so much to do yet so little time, like seriously. Time, would you just stop for a second and let me carry on instead of dumping me on a bullet train and with every blink my time is just like snap snap snap. *sads*

I will not dwell on too much matters but I will post a few shots of me and shu jie in my friend’s car! Hahahahaha. His so call special Ford Fiesta S with XTR and leather customization stuffs. Sounds posh but it’s not lor. No offense Jerry :B

Picture Diary Entry ohmygosh, i almost wrote dairy. I know i look like a cow but no dairy now please


The kissy face and Shu’s ninja face. Unfortunately, my friend called my kissy face the pig nose mouth. My mouth does not look like a pig’s nose! Not even the slightest bit alright. I object x100
 TBH, I tried to make myself look fairer and all but it turned out with me looking COLOURLESS! Anyhow, I call this cool stuff. You got it mate? 
Last silly picture of the day! Silliest I would say and vote. We both look off track and out of tune. Like BANANAS AND SALMONS! What the fish. Hahahaha

Alrights! I shall end it here and continue soon…I promise. SOON it will be 🙂 Anticipate my majestic return peeps!’

– the end –