Food & Coffee in Hanoi (Part 3) #13

Day xxx in Hanoi! We went out for Bahn Mi after doing some research on TripAdvisor for 'Best Bahn Mi in town'. HAHAHA! Honestly, TripAdvisor is the real deal. I use it for almost all my travels - from browsing for things to do, sights to see, checking for tours to THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE [...]


Some Streets in Hanoi 2015 (Part 2) #12

I don't remember where exactly were we or which street was this but it was pretty close by our Hotel. I know it's in the newer part of Hanoi because the hotel I stayed in was the Old Quarters? And the old quarters is an interesting place to stay in. Very..the..interesting! (Manglish) I still remember [...]

Penang 2015 (Part 1) #9

Penang, now my second favourite city after finding Malacca. Only because there are more historical sites and centuries old architecture in Malacca (I'll talk about that in my next post!). Before I begin, Penang is the land of food. The land of bicycles. The land of heritage. The land of  bad decisions (lol). Pour moi [...]

Ipoh 2015 #7

What can you expect? Honestly, I don't know either. It's probably paragraphs after paragraphs of how obsessed I am with a scenery or a dish; if you're lucky, you might get an occasional guide on surviving the city or country! (Well, that is if you can get through reading all the pile of bullshit I [...]