Update: I bought a domain! (Briefcaseandabudget is put on hold)

Hi friends! Update: I'll be moving back to binherebinthere.wordpress.com for the meantime because it currently too expensive for me to have my own domain with my new job. (if only you can hear me cry). Besides that, I haven't been utilising the blog for an entire year so that's pretty much money just washed away… Continue reading Update: I bought a domain! (Briefcaseandabudget is put on hold)

24 Hours in Coloane, Macau

Before, when I think of Macau, I think of Cotai and Taipa where the life of the city is. But after one short trip to Coloane, that's all I can think of Macau. Post Content: Why Coloane Getting there Accommodation Dining Stroll in Coloane Village Budgeting Final Verdict of Coloane Why is Coloane charming hearts?… Continue reading 24 Hours in Coloane, Macau

Macau, Las Vegas of Asia

Macau (澳門) , the Las Vegas of Asia. A city that comes to life with a vibrant gambling scene, vividly painted with stretches upon stretches of casinos. Familiar with cafe hopping culture? Well, in Macau, you do casino hopping. Hello, mister! All In and I will not FOLD until the end of times. Photo by Robert… Continue reading Macau, Las Vegas of Asia

10 Photos why you should travel China

Just a photo log of my time in China and I hope it'll inspire you enough to travel there one day. Leshan Buddha, Sichuan Taken with Oppo R11 I had a dream come true moment when I finally visited Leshan Buddha, Sichuan, with my friends. I grew up watching wuxia movies and Chinese legends fighting… Continue reading 10 Photos why you should travel China

Must See Shaoxing 1-Day Itinerary

So you're thinking what else to do after all that neon signs and xiao loong baos in Shanghai? lolol. I gotchu bruh. This 1-Day itinerary allows you that sweet, short escape from the bustling city and into the serenity. 1-Day in Shaoxing Summary (Day starts at 12pm in this post) You can cover a couple… Continue reading Must See Shaoxing 1-Day Itinerary

Benefits of Drinking Chrysanthemum Tea

Recipe at bottom of the post Tea culture is thriving and here to stay for a long time. And for those who grew up in a Chinese family like mine, will be no stranger to herbal tea. Brewed and trusted by our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and yeah, you get the gist. My mother always says,… Continue reading Benefits of Drinking Chrysanthemum Tea

My mother and her unconventional love

Long post ahead. I didn't exactly grow up with my mum showering me with motherly love the usual way. We shouted at each other far more many times than we've sat down to have a good conversation. Sometimes I wonder if it's better to live away from my mother. Less nagging, less shouting and less… Continue reading My mother and her unconventional love

Making authentic Yaki Onigiri Grilled Rice Balls with my Japanese friend

Have you ever looked at some unlikely friendships and thought what bonded them together? Even more curious, how do these people with seemingly polar opposite personalities complement each other so well? What do they even have in common? This is a story of how friends of different languages and culture bonded over a simple Japanese… Continue reading Making authentic Yaki Onigiri Grilled Rice Balls with my Japanese friend

Nippori @ Empire Damansara, Petaling Jaya

Always in the hunt for quality Japanese food but you're sick of the big Japanese chain restaurants and mediocre sushi. But wallet too thin to be flashing cash at Nobu? hahaha Or thinking what are some delish Japanese bento box near me? Welp, allow me to share with you Nippori, a family style Japanese restaurant.… Continue reading Nippori @ Empire Damansara, Petaling Jaya