A short guide to Shaoxing, China 绍兴 // 2017

It's bin awhile since I've last written because I was too piled up with exams (still am), and also a little bump in life. I was in a semi-turbulent journey for the past two weeks and it eventually led me to an existentialist crisis? Trust me, having an emotional breakdown so far away from home, [...]



*Heads up: I know my featured image has NOTHING IN HELL to do with my post but hey, it has Chinese elements in it. So I guess, in a way, you can put two and two together. Y'know. Taobao and China? Chinese and Me? Moi, j'ai le blood Chinois? Oui, Non, Baguette? I will be [...]

What has Social Media done to me?

I wrote about how social media has impacted my life, mainly my confidence, and my desire for seeking approval from the world, on my other blog. And I thought it'd be a good idea to share it here as well. (Living that double life, hahaha). Again, I will have to tell you all to not [...]

Have ‘U-Bein’? Because I’ve ‘bin there’

After the self-reflection post from a few days ago, it's time I update the blog with the greatest adventure of all time. My MYANMAR/BURMA ADVENTURE! I'll be blogging about myself GETTING THERE and also about U-Bein this time. I'll leave Bagan, Mount Poppa Pyin oo Lwim and the Pagodas for another post ❤ *drum rolls [...]

Losing Touch and Losing Focus

Alrights, if you are here to scroll through my obviously very picturesque vacation places then you're in it at the wrong time. You see, this started out as a travel blog because I was having so much fun travelling around the world, meeting new people and just getting myself into A LOT of unwanted situations [...]

Tergoda-ed & HCM (Part 5) #15

Helloooo, it's meeee~ I'm currently on the other side of the world right now, far far FAAAR away from my home. I'm really pining for the day I get to go back home, settle in my own comfy bed and waking up being able to play my piano whenever I want. (IT WILL COME SOON, [...]

Halong Bay and Some REALLY OLD Temple, Hanoi 2015 (Part 4) #14

I've been inactive for far too long and what better way to restart my blogging, by showering you with the picturesque scenes Hanoi has to offer. So now that you've seen the streets and the food, it's about time to show you the real reason why I went to Hanoi with my friends. HALONG BAY. [...]